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Friday, April 24, 2009

Ichihashi Tatsuya New Wanted Posters


The search for Ichihashi Tatsuya, the prime suspect in the murder of 22-year-old English teacher, Lindsay Ann Hawker, continues but with no further leads in the case.

The naked body of Ms Hawker, who worked for the former Nova English conversation school franchise, was found buried in a bathtub of sand on the balcony of Ichihashi's apartment in Ichikawa, near Tokyo. Ms Hawker is thought to have been killed on March 25, 2007.

Ichihashi Tatsuya New Wanted Posters

It comes as no real surprise that the Japanese police have been unable to locate Ichihashi. Murder inquiries in Japan are not pursued vigorously after the initial 3 months of a case. Adding to the police's embarrassment in this investigation is the fact that Ichihashi managed to escape in his stockinged feet from no less than 9 policemen, who called at his apartment to question the suspect. Other unsolved high profile murder cases include the suspect in the stabbing death of a Chuo University teacher earlier this year.

Ichihashi Tatsuya New Wanted Posters

Hawker and Ichihashi met for an English conversation class on Sunday March 25 in a cafe near Gyotoku subway station not far from Ms Hawker's home and were captured on CCTV ordering drinks. Ichihashi and Hawker were at the cafe from around 9am-9.45am before leaving, apparently for Ichihashi's condominium.

New wanted posters issued on the first anniversary of Lindsay's murder appear at police boxes (koban) around the country and on Tokyo subway stations, showing Ichihashi with dyed orange hair and made up as a woman wearing a wig. The blurb on the poster mentions Ichihashi's distinctively thick eyebrows.

Translations from the Japanese press on the Lindsay Ann Hawker case

The Hawker family have set up a Lindsay Anne Hawker webpage to help track down her killer.

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