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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Toba Bay Mie Prefecture


There are some excellent views of the small islands in Toba Bay from Hiyoriyama, a short walk either past the Toba Minato Machi Bunka Kaikan or through Kata Shrine right near Toba station and the oyster bars in the Ekimae Shotengai.

Toba Bay

The trail passes Medaka School a science and learning center for school children with a foot spa if your feet have begun to ache from the walk.

Toba Bay, Mie.

You will also pass Jouanji Temple, the family temple of the old feudal lords of the area - the Kuki clan and Kotohiragu Toba Bunsha - a shrine connected with Kotohiragu Shrine (Kompira san) on Shikoku. There are more great views of the ocean from here.

Toba Bay, Mie Prefecture.

The whole walk talks about 90mins to 2 hours.

There are Kinstetsu trains to Toba from Osaka and Nagoya (1 hour, 35 mins) and there are overnight highway buses from Ikebukuro via Kuwana and Tsu to Toba.

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Toba Mie

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