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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Japan This Week - 15 March 2009


Japan News.Japan reconsidered

NY Times

Polka dots and miniskirts: how Japan wants world to see it

The Independent

Japan economy shrank 12.1 pct in Q4


Japanese baseball fans hope to have lifted 'curse of Colonel Sanders'


Human-like robot smiles, scolds in Japan classroom

Washington Post

Hay fever brings grief to Japanese snow monkeys

Times on Line

Prosecutors question Tohoku contractors over Ozawa donations


Ex-agent believes Taguchi is alive

Japan Times

Japan murder detective replaced


Movie Review: "Tokyo Sonata"

New York Times

South Korea edges Japan 1-0 to win group at WBC

Yahoo Sports

Brazilian workers in Japan return home: Amid global economic turmoil, Brazilians find jobs hard to come by in Japan

Global Post

Even as the supposedly irresistible tide of globalization washes against Japan's shores, insular and parochial attitudes are strengthening

Global Post

Silence of the Dems


Last week's Japan news

Japan Statistics

In 2008, police actions against youth motorcycle gangs (bozozoku) reached a record 307 cases. The National Police Agency estimates the total number of bozozoku gangs in Japan as 651 with a membership of 11,516.

Source: Kyodo News

According to Justice Ministry statistics, local authorities have inadvertently issued approximately 20,000 registration cards to foreigners staying illegally in Japan. A proposed new law would toughen penalties for illegals in Japan with prison sentences of between 1-10 years, while extending the maximum period of stay from 3 to 5 years for foreign residents.

Source: Kyodo News

2007 saw 6,321 recorded cases of internet-related crime in Japan - including threatening behavior, libel, illegal access, fraud and offenses against a law restricting internet-based dating services.

Source: Kyodo News

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