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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

HRP-4C Japanese Female Robot


A 158cm walking, talking female humanoid robot, HRP-4C, was unveiled to the press on Monday. Developed by the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science in Tsukuba, HRP-4C has 42 motors made by Honda, weights 42kg and can respond to language with various hand and facial gestures. She's also pretty cute!

The HRP-4C robot will make a guest appearance at Japan Fashion Week in Tokyo. The robot cost 200 million yen (2 million USD) to develop and later models may go on sale to the public.

Here's a paraphrase of what the professor says at the end of the video:
"What we have attempted to create is a robot with human-like proportions and,
in addition, the ability to walk at a normal speed.

To be honest, though, the robot is still a ways off in terms of walking speed."

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