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Friday, March 27, 2009

Asahi Flame Asakusa - Golden Turd


One of Tokyo's most recognizable buildings is the Asahi Beer Hall on the east bank of the Sumida River opposite Asakusa. Designed by French architect Philippe Starck, the golden flame is supposedly beer foam rising from the beer mug-shaped building below.

Asahi Flame Asakusa - Gold Turd

Affectionately nicknamed the "Golden Turd" (kin no unchi) the hollow stainless steel structure weighs over 300 tons and was completed in 1989 at the height of Japan's pretentious "Bubble Period".

Asahi Flame Asakusa - Gold Turd

Asahi Breweries HQ is situated nearby. Paricularly good views of the building are to be had from the Tokyo water bus on the Sumida River.

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