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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Yumeminato Tower Sakaiminato


At only 43 metres in height, the Yumeminato Tower is dwarfed by most of Japan's observation towers, but with good weather the 360 degree view takes in Mount Daisen, the tallest mountain in the Chugoku region, Miho Bay, and the Nakauma Inland Sea with Daikon Island. If the weather is not so clear then the interior structure of the tower is fascinating in itself.

Yumeminato Tower, Sakaiminato, Tottori

Included in the entrance to the tower is entrance to the Pacific Rim Exchange Village, a kind of museum focusing on the traditional cultures of Japan's neighbors, China, Korea, Taiwan, Mongolia etc.

Yumeminato Tower, Sakaiminato

The highlight for me is the large yurt that one can go inside. Mindful of the Japanese penchant for cosplay, there are traditional costumes from the different countries that can be tried on and be photographed in.

Yumeminato Tower, Sakaiminato

Also included in the admission fee is entrance to an exhibition of monsters, ghouls, and other supernatural beings that populate the work of manga author Mizuki Shigeru who was born in Sakaiminato.

Yumeminato Tower, Sakaiminato

Yumeminato Tower is open from 9 to 6 (April – Sep) and 9 to 5 (Oct – Mar)
Adults 300 yen, kids 150 yen.

Yumeminato Tower is closed on the 2nd Wednesday of each month.

Sakaiminato is located at the northern tip of Yumigahama Peninsular in west Tottori Prefecture, and is one of Japan's most important fishing ports. The fishing boat arrested recently by the Russians came from Sakaiminato.

Yumeminato Tower, Sakaiminato

Sakaiminato is served by nearby Yonago Airport, and is the terminal of the JR Sakai line which runs from Yonago.

Yumeminato Tower (in Japanese)
Tel: 0859 47 3800

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