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Monday, February 16, 2009

Goldfish in Kyoto - Ninenzaka

Kyoto Goldfish, Ninenzaka京都人魚

On a recent stroll in eastern hills of Kyoto, we came across an ornamental pond in front of a traditional shop along the Ninenzaka.

The tiny pond was filled with brightly colored goldfish.

Ninenzaka is a narrow sloping along the tourist route that runs from just below Kiyomizu Dera, down to Nene no Michi. There you can see Kodaiji Temple, and contine down to Gion.

The man made pond ran the length of the left side of the front of the store, and there were about 10 black or orange goldfish swimming happily.

The shallow pond had pebbles and aquatic plants.

On a cold February morning, the shock of color - orange and black, dark green and light green - set against the more traditional wood and slate was welcome and warming.

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