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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Kaiten Sushi in Kyoto

Kaiten Sushi, Kyoto回転寿司

Just down the road from the Golden Pavilion in Kyoto is a large and reasonably priced "kaiten" sushi restaurant.

For those who have yet to eat at a "revolving" sushi restaurant, simply put these are establishments in which sushi plates are placed on a rotating conveyor belt that moves the plates slowly around the entire restaurant. The belt winds past every table and a counter where customers may sit.

What you do is pick up a plate from the conveyor belt as it goes by your booth. Chopsticks, wasabi, and soy sauce are all on your table.

The plates are sometimes labeled, sometimes not.

Kaiten Sushi, KyotoYour bill will be calculated based on the number of plates you take. At some restaurants, prices vary depending upon the type of sushi.

At Kaiten Sushi - the name of this restaurant - all plates are 100 yen, or 105 with sales tax included.

As this restaurant is close to Ritsumeikan University, home to many exchange students, and within walking distance of both Kinkakuji Temple (Golden Pavilion) and Ryoanji Temple, the menu had some English.

Language, though, is not a problem.

You will be seated by a waiter/waitress, then you choose plates, eat, and finally walk to the register to pay.


From the main gate of the Golden Pavilion, turn right. Walk straight along the street that leads west (the street you are on). The restaurant is on the left side of the street about five minutes on foot from the Golden Pavilion.

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