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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Japanese Language: Bra-wearing Otomen

乙男 (Otomen)

In a recent article on male bras, the Daily Yomiuri newspaper introduced the world of otome, or girlish side of men and several related terms.

In addition to the opinion of a few sociologists and other "experts," the article featured an online seller of men's bras, WishRoom. This is apparently the tip of the proverbial sociological iceberg.

Terms related to these men, mainly in their early 20s to mid-30s include:

草食系男子(soshoku kei danshi) = herbivorous men; a girlie man
お女マン(o jo man) = feminine men
オトメン(otomen) = a play on words, that combines 乙女(otome, a young lass in the full bloom of life) and the English word "men."

A last term is 萌(mo-eh), common in the otaku underworld, which means "budding."

In Otaku-land, though, it refers to the "sensation of being blissfully overwhelmed by cuteness or attractiveness."

These "otomen" are said to have little interest in sex, like to cook, and prefer cute things to more masculine items.

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1 comment:

  1. interesting...i didn't know "otomen" was a real word (thought the manga artist aya kanno made it up)!
    benkyou ni narimashita.


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