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Sunday, December 07, 2008

Japan This Week: 7 December 2008


Japan News.Japan Tries to Ease a Crisis in Corporate Credit With Emergency Lending

New York Times

Tourists banned from Tokyo tuna auctions


S. Koreans seek A-bomb redress

Japan Times

Japan extends citizenship to out-of-wedlock babies

Washington Post

Osaka schools split on student cell phone ban

The Daily Yomiuri

Japan sells Icelandic whale meat


Miller time in Japan


North Korea 'to shun' Japan at talks


Japan driving back to the bleak days of the '70s

Times on Line

Suddenly, Aso hits it off with scribes


Honda says Japan Grand Prix at Suzuka to go ahead

Yahoo! Sports

Last week's Japan news

Japan Statistics

In 2007, there were 177 recorded incidences of the 419 or "Nigerian scam" in Japan, with 264 cases so far this year. In total, there were 419 cases of similar scams in Japan with losses of 27 billion yen - the 3rd highest amount in the world for 2007.

Source: Foreign Ministry

The amount of tax paid on a packet of cigarettes, usually costing 300 yen, is 189.17 yen or 63.1%.

Source: Japan Tobacco Inc

Okayama has more cemeteries than any other prefecture with 107,726, followed by Shimane and Nagano.

Source: Asahi

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