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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Japan This Week: 21 December 2008


Japan News.Japan Admits POW Labor at Aso Mine

New York Times

Living With In-Laws Linked to Heart Risks in Japanese Women

New York Times

Rapist guilty of mutilating British hostess Lucie Blackman


Trio avoid prison in sumo killing

Japan Times

Japan predicts zero growth in fiscal 2009

Washington Post

Trouble at Toyota--Spreading Shockwaves

The Daily Yomiuri

Japan ends five-year Iraq mission


Jun Ichikawa - An Appreciation

Midnight Eye

Why the Club World Cup is one big mess

Times on Line

Teacher fired over 1997 groping case


Man Utd overpower Gamba in 5-3 classic

Yahoo! Sports

Last week's Japan news

Japan Statistics

Average mathematics scores of fourth- and eighth-grade students, by country: 2007

Fourth Grade (Average Score: 500)

1) Hong Kong: 607
2) Singapore: 599
3) Taiwan: 576
4) Japan: 568
11) USA: 529

Eighth Grade (Average Score: 500)

1) Taiwan: 598
2) South Korea: 597
3) Singapore: 573
4) Hong Kong: 572
5) Japan: 570
9) USA: 508

Source: International Center for Educational Statistics

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