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Monday, November 10, 2008

SL Yamaguchi Go Steam Train

SL やまぐち号

One of the last remaining steam trains operating in Japan is the SL Yamaguchi-Go which runs between Shin Yamaguchi station in Yamaguchi Prefecture and Tsuwano in the mountains of Shimane Prefecture.

SL Yamaguchi Go

The train operates between March and November, and runs most weekends and on national holidays.

SL Yamaguchi Go

The 69 kilometre journey up into the mountains takes about 2 hours, and 20 minutes faster on the downhill return leg. It leaves Shin Yamaguchi at 10:30 am and arrives at Tsuwano at 12:30 pm. 3 hours later it returns, giving enough time to look around the popular tourist destination of Tsuwano.

SL Yamaguchi Go

The rebuilt steam locomotive was originally built in 1937, and is a C57 class 4-6-2 (2-C-1) Pacific-type - built by Kawasaki.

Each of the train carriages has been outfitted in the style of a different era.

It is very popular, so advance bookings are necessary.

SL Yamaguchi Go
Tel: 0570 002486

SL Yamaguchi Go

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