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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Japan This Week: 23 November 2008


Japan News.Japanese Are Irked by U.S. Interest in Pitcher

New York Times

Levelling the lingerie playing field


Japan in the future to be caught between U.S., China: think tank

Japan Times

Japan suspects stabbings linked to pension scandal

Washington Post

Film Review: Tokyo Sonata

Midnight Eye

Japan approves whalemeat import


Fallen J-pop icon indicted for fraud


Matsuzaka willing to play for Japan at WBC

Yahoo! Sports

Last week's Japan news

Japan Statistics

Violence in Japanese schools has increased dramatically in the last year. In 2007, there were 5,214 cases (45%) of violent behavior in elementary schools, 18,951 (25%) in junior high schools, and 6,512 (7%) in high schools. The numbers in parentheses represent the percentage rise over the previous school year. The majority in all three was damage to property.

On a per capita basis, Kagawa Prefecture led the country with 10.1 cases per 1,000 people. Kochi was second with 9.3.

Source: Asahi Shinbun

Last year approximately 8 million people visited Japan spending 1.6 trillion

Source: Japanese Tourism Agency (JTA)

Japan tops G-7 survey of 3G cell phone use. 83% of all cell phone users in Japan have a third generation connection. Italy had the second highest at 27%. Canada had the lowest at only 1%.

Source: Kyodo

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