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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Flower Auction Japan

フラワー オークション ジャパン
Flower Auction Japan.
Flowers, more flowers, and things you hardly even realized were flowers. The Flower Auction Japan, in Tokyo, is a veritable zoo of all things floral. It is also features a constant human hubbub of visitors and buyers, milling around the stalls inspecting the wares, or sitting amidst the shouts in the tiered auction room finger poised over the electronic bidding console.

The Flower Auction Japan is in Tokyo’s Ohta ward, only a few minutes drive from Haneda Airport. Officially it is the premises of the Flower and Ornamental Plant Department of Ohta Market, the Tokyo Metropolitan Central Market, a market concern that also includes a separate fruit and vegetable department, and a seafood department, both located nearby. It has been operating since 1988.

I visited it on a public holiday which, because it was a Monday, meant business as usual for the Flower Auction Japan, but, because it was a public holiday, meant less business than usual, too.
Flower Auction Japan auction room.

Photography was permitted, so long as no flash was used, and it was an atmosphere of complete laissez faire as the idly curious, like myself, and those whose livelihoods depended on it all, browsed, snapped pictures, talked to stall keepers, and participated in the auction.

Flower Auction Japan is about 10 minutes on foot from the Tokyo Monorail Ryutsu Center Station.

Check out the English language Flower Auction Japan website for more details.

Flower Auction Japan, er, flowers?.

Flower Auction Japan flower stalls.

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