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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Cool crisp autumn in Japan


We are right in the middle of autumn in Japan: as beautiful a season as any with its rich reds and golds. And even more attractive than spring is the clear, dry air that makes physical activity so untaxing – as well as making for wonderful photos and clear, extra-starry night skies.

Japanese onomatopoeia is well known for its rich expressiveness, and there are several of them that express the sensations of autumn very effectively. For example, “a cool, crisp autumn breeze” is expressed as hinyari to sugusugashii aki no soyokaze. Hinyari to can express anything from cool to chilly. Sugasugashii is an onomatopoeic adjective meaning, likewise, “crisp, refreshing, invigorating”.

Featured here are some pictures from Shimane prefecture taken just a couple of days ago. Against the beautiful blue skies we enjoyed, they illustrate better than anything else autumn’s light cool touch.

Autumn in Shimane.

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