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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Truth About Nanking Movie


A new Japanese film looks likely to reignite tensions over the interpretation of the historical events that occurred in Nanking in the winter of 1937.

Here follows a press release concerning the movie The Truth of Nanking by Japanese director Satoru Mizushima, which had a free screening with a director's greeting and Q&A on Tuesday, October 14th at 1:30pm at Laemmle’s Sunset 5 8000 Sunset Blvd. West Hollywood, CA 90046 Tel: 323-848-3500

The Truth About Nanking Movie



Japanese director and screenwriter Satoru Mizushima’s new film, first chapter of
“The Truth of Nanking” trilogy will be shown in Los Angeles.

This movie investigates the “real truth” behind the Massacre of Nanking that occurred more than seventy years ago.
While the rest of the world identifies the Japanese as the culprits of the Massacre, this film
investigates the involvement of the Chinese in this matter. The film is shot from a different point of view with the belief that the event was overemphasized. A movie like this allows people see a new perspective on a one-sided event.
As the first installment of a three part series, the production begins with the International Military Tribunal of the Far East, or Tokyo Trials. For 160 minutes, the film explores the testimonies of the Japanese military and government personnel at the hearing.

The Massacre of Nanking 71 years ago-

Throughout the world, the books published and movies produced about the massacre were carried out in succession, but to the extent as if it is a natural occurrence, when people of the world remember this event, there many different viewpoints to be had. However, is there not any information out there that misleads us?

“The Truth of Nanking” trilogy delves into the focus of all the countries involved, specifically from Japan’s viewpoint.
The first installment begins with General Matsui Iwane charged for massacre and describes the will of the seven class A war criminals of the International Military Tribunal of the Far East.


For further reading on this controversial new movie see the Wikipedia entry on the film and articles in the Japan Times and a review by Mark Schilling in Variety.

The movie follows the release of the documentary Nanking in 2007, directed by Bill Guttentag and Dan Sturman, and starring Woody Harrelson and Hugo Armstrong. The two movies stand at opposite poles of the argument concerning what happened in Nanking in 1937, when the city fell to Japanese Imperial Armies. Two books at opposing ends of the historical debate are Iris Chang's The Rape of Nanking and The Politics of Nanjing by Minoru Kitamura. The issue of the history of Nanking is a cause of continuing friction to this day between the governments of China and Japan.


  1. First, there's no alternative interpretation on fact and especially by the nation who commit it. It will be OJ Simpson making his own movie about the fact.

    Second, there were no seven samurai at that time. There were only an Asian military made the holocaust with guns. They only pull out their swords when victim is defenseless. The intention in using the analogy of samurai is to trying to inject false influence that these men might be noble.

    I believe younger generation in Japan is not responsible for war debt, but as a country should be have the heart to acknowledge the mistakes. With due respect.

  2. For those of who truly believes this has happened. I strongly recommend to research deeper. There are so many facts out there that this was never happened as China claims. The author of "rape of nanking" has dies mysteriously in L.A? what do you think it really happened to her? because of of some nation speak loud, does not mean that is the truth. especially the nation like China. For Ray, please do not mix up with OJ with the nation. also, do you really know why Japan had to go into the WW2? Do you know what the biggest difference in between Japanese and western colonization? Check out the countries that Japan taken care of. you will see how much developed countries they are now compare to the countries that occupied by western countries?????
    Enough said.

  3. I'm very sad that most foreign people don't know the truth of this fact. I want to ask such people as can you trust China? They tell us a lie, lie, lie.... You should research of the county about what do they recently. And why do you compare "Nazi" with Japan. All of the situation and their consciousness are different. You might imagine "holocaust", but it just too easy imagination without the real fact. If you want to mention about Japan, please research the situation of the era. In addition, China had not been one country in the era. They had been in the war themselves and killed each other. They show people the killing photos as by Japanese solder. It is a lie.


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