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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Telling the time in Japanese

If you know the numbers in Japanese, you can quickly figure out how to ask and tell the time. ji (時) is the word for time; pun or fun (分) is the word for minute.

Listen to some time expressions in Japanese

What time is it now? ima nanji desu ka? 今何時ですか
It's two o'clock. ni-ji desu 二時です
It's ten o'clock. jyu-ji desu 十時です
It's two twenty. ni-ji nijupun desu 二時二十分です
It's ten twenty-five. jyu-ji nijugofun desu 十時二十五分
It's three thirty (half-past three). sanji sanjyupun/sanji han desu 三時半です
It's ten fifty jyuuji gojyupun desu 十時五十分です
It's ten minutes to eleven jyuichijijyupunmae desu 十一時十分前です
AM gozen 午前
PM gogo 午後

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