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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Seoul: Cosplay

Cosplay, Seoulソウルのコスプレィー

On a weekend trip to Seoul, many things were surprising.

First was the sheer pace of change. The city has changed enormously in the few years since we were last there.

The old still can speak Japanese--useful to someone who can only speak English and Japanese and is very lost--and the city still has the night markets and great street stalls with wonderful food.

Among other changes were the number of modern buildings, the Chonggyechon River, and young people.

Outside of Yongsan Station, which has both subway connections and is a stop on the new high speed KTX rail, many young women and men were dressed in Japanese cosplay fashion.

They happily posed for photos, completely in character.

The costumes ranged from "traditional" (see above right) to a more "modern" look (see below).

The costumed were gathered on the steps in front of the I-Park Department Store, which is part of the station complex. Though they did not appear to speak Japanese--we communicated in simple English--their love of things Japanese was evident.

How times change.

Cosplay, Seoul
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