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Thursday, October 09, 2008

The Months & Days of the Week in Japanese

A couple of weeks ago we looked at the numbers in Japanese.

If you know the numbers in Japanese, it's easy to form the months of the year.

Listen to the months of the year in Japanese and the days of the week

January is literally "one month", February "two month", March "three month" and so on. Just combine the numbers from 1 to 12 with gatsu (month). The kanji for "month" or "moon" can be read as gatsu, getsu or tsuki (月) .

January is ichi (one) + gatsu (month) = 一月
February is ni (two) + gatsu (month) = 二月
March is san (three) + gatsu (month) = 三月
April is shi (four) + gatsu (month) = 四月
May is go (five) + gatsu (month) = 五月
June is roku (six) + gatsu (month) = 六月
July is shichi (seven) + gatsu (month) = 七月
August is hachi (eight) + gatsu (month) = 八月
September is kyuu (nine) + gatsu (month) = 九月
October is jyuu (ten) + gatsu (month) = 十月
November is jyuuichi (eleven) + gatsu (month) = 十一月
December is jyuuni (twelve) + gatsu (month) = 十二月

As for the days of the week, well you'll just have to memorize them. The word for a day of the week is youbi (曜日). So:

Monday is getsuyoubi - lit. "Moon day" (月曜日)
Tuesday is kayoubi - lit. "Fire day" (火曜日日)
Wednesday is suiyoubi - lit. "Water day" (水曜日)
Thursday is mokuyoubi - lit. "Wood day" (木曜日)
Friday is kinyouboubi - lit. "Silver day" (金曜日)
Saturday is doyoubi - lit. "Earth day" (土曜日)
Sunday is nichiyoubi - lit. "Sun day" (日曜日)

New Year is oshougatsu - お正月.

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