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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Kiyozawa Manshi Memorial Museum Hekinan


Kiyozawa Manshi (1863-1901) a Buddhist priest and philosopher, was born in Hekinan, a small town east of Nagoya. The traditional samurai house where he died young of tuberculosis has been preserved as a museum dedicated to his life and works.

Kiyozawa Manshi Memorial Museum Hekinan

On display are manuscripts, some of them written in perfect English and Kiyozawa's book collection preserved in a sealed room.

From a middle-ranking samurai family, Kiyosawa was educated at Tokyo Imperial University studying Western philosophy under the American professor Ernest Fenollosa. Kiyozawa readings of such philiosophers as Fichte, Hegel, Leibniz and Spinoza influenced his own Buddhist philosophy and teachings.

Kiyozawa Manshi Memorial Museum Hekinan

After graduation Manshi moved to Kyoto's Honganji Temple and later became dean of Shinshu (later Otani University) where he taught the history of philosophy.

Contracting TB early in his life, Manshi, a renown ascetic, returned to his ancestral home to die, passing away in a tiny tatami alcove so he would not take up too much space in the main house.

View of Mirin factory from Kiyozawa Manshi Memorial Museum Hekinan

Kiyozawa Manshi is remembered as an educator, reformer and scholar who inspired a new generation of religious thinkers to reinterpret and re-evaluate the Shinshu faith.

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Kiyozawa Manshi Memorial Museum
Hamaderamachi 2-19-2
Tel: 0566 42 0044

Hekinan Station can be reached on the Meitetsu Line from Nagoya, Kanayama and Toyota Stations changing at Chiryu.
The museum is a short walk west of the station.
Map of Kiyozawa Manshi Memorial Museum

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