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Monday, October 20, 2008

Kintetsu Railways


Kintetsu Urban Liner Next

The Kinki Nippon Railway Company (Kintetsu) connects Nagoya Station in the Chubu district of central Japan with Osaka Namba Station in the Kansai, Nara, Tenri and Kyoto as well as Kuwana and further south Toba and Kashikojima in the Ise Shima region of Mie Prefecture.

Founded in 1910, the Kintetsu group of 137 companies also operates department stores based at its major railways stations in Japan and builds trains which are operated in the USA, Hong Kong and Egypt.

Express trains that run on Kintetsu Railways include the sleek Urban Liner Next and Urban Liner Plus, the double-decker Vista Car, the colorful Sakura Liner and the stylish Ise Shima Liner.

Aside from Japan Railways (JR), Kintetsu is the largest rail network in Japan with around 570km of track in the Chubu and Kansai areas connecting Ise, Kyoto, Yokkaichi, Nagoya, Osaka and Nara.

Kintetsu Railways

Kintetsu Urban Liner

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