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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Japan This Week: 19 October 2008


Japan News.Japan’s New World Offers a Slice of the Past

New York Times

Japan's PM says US bank bailout is 'insufficient'

Washington Post

Dolphin meat bad for the health, say Japanese scientists


Tainted beans from China sickens three

Japan Times

Japan objects to US N Korea move


Whale deal falls at last minute


Plant-eating predators from Japan to control UK superweed.


Robo Expo opens in Japan.


Hasegawa retains WBC bantamweight title

Yahoo! Sports

Last week's Japan news

Japan Statistics

In the year since September 2007, the number of accidents involving drunk drivers fell 20%.

Source: National Police Agency

In a poll of the estimated 16,000 hotel and inn operators of which 43.9% of them replied. 62.2% replied that they had had at least one foreign guest, of the 37.8% who replied that they had had no foreign guests, 70% of them stated that they were unwilling to accept foreigners.

Source: Internal Affairs & Communications Ministry

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