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Friday, October 17, 2008

Hanashiro Onsen


A short ride on the Akechi Railway from Ena, Hanashiro Onsen is a stone's throw from the tiny station. A small countryside onsen, it's possible to drop in for a dip if you have visited the sights of the Taisho Village in Akechi or the former castle town of Iwamura.

Hanashiro Onsen

The bath house in Hanashiro doesn't seem to have changed much over the years and has a pleasant, homely feel, though a little cramped.

Hanashiro Onsen

The quickest way to reach Ena is by JR Central Liner train from Nagoya Station. Then walk out of the station and turn left. The tiny Akechi Tetsudo Station is next to Ena Tourist Office. Trains run approximately hourly and costs 670 yen single fare Ena-Akechi. The first train from Ena is at 6.48am and the last at 21.44pm on weekdays, 20.54pm at the weekend or on public holidays. The train also stops at the historic castle town of Iwamura.
If you are driving from Nagoya take route 363 from Seto or route 11 from Toyota. Ena city is very near Ena Interchange on the Chuo Expressway, which follows the old Nakasendo post road to Magome and Tsumago at this point.

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