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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Obuse Sidewalks


Obuse in Nagano Prefecture prides itself on being an arty town right down to its pretty sidewalks (or pavements if you're a Brit).

Obuse Sidewalk, Nagano

Sidewalks are a bit of a luxury in Japan - often its just a white line painted at the side of the road - but Obuse city has relaid its predestrian walkways with blocks of the local chestnut wood, making for a very soft stroll through the town's many art galleries, boutiques and museums.

Obuse Sidewalk

Obuse is known for its delicious Japanese sweets made from chestnuts and using the wood for the pavements was one way of recycling the old trees.

Obuse Sidewalk, Nagano


Take the Nagano Dentetsu Line from Nagano Station to Obuse (20 minutes by limited express; 35 minutes by local).

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