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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Kyoto Tower

Kyoto Tower京都タワー

The iconic symbol of Kyoto's "modernity," Kyoto Tower is seen here from the 15th floor of the Granvia Hotel.

This is the luxury hotel in the Kyoto Station building, and has restaurants open to the public on the top floors. We are looking towards the center of the city and beyond to the north.

The white tower, recently refurbished, rises above all but the station building.

In the distance you can see the rest of the cityscape that is Kyoto--and how completely out of scale the Tower is.

It is particularly popular with Japanese junior high school students, for whom it is a must visit while in Kyoto on the school excursions.

Compared to something as dull as Kiyomizu Temple or yet another shrine world heritage site, Kyoto Tower is big, "kirei" (clean, new), and has a gift shop on the ground floor where they can buy presents for themselves and their friends.

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