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Monday, September 08, 2008

Japanese Women Shopping

Japanese Women Shopping買い物中の日本人女性

These two women are heading towards the Keihan Line in Yodoyabashi Station, in Osaka, on their way home after a day of shopping. The women on the left, three bags, is clearly the daughter; the woman on the right, two bags, is her mother.

This is a common site in Japan, the mother-daughter shopping date.

The daughter is dressed in low-cut, high-heel boots. She is wearing denim short shorts, ripped and or frayed in tactical places. Her top shows off a brown midriff and petite belly button, and is cut to expose her shoulders.

O-ka-san is dressed more conservatively in white capri pants, low-heel pumps without a back, and a brown top with the collar turned up. She has the de rigueur Vuitton bag.

Both women have dyed their hair to a similar degree.

The younger woman is taller, which is common in Japan.

Daddy is no doubt at work, and his credit card took a hit today. Including lunch, the ladies look as they have made quite a day off it.

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