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Saturday, August 02, 2008

Japan's Gasoline Price

As with most countries in the world gasoline prices are on the rise in Japan.

Japan's Gasoline Price, June 2008

Prices have now risen to over 180 yen per liter, the highest price on record since 1987 when statistics were first collected. Some gas stations are charging as much as 188 yen ($1.74) per liter.

Japan's Gasoline Price, August 2008

Though the number of vehicles on the road in car-happy Nagoya seems the same as previously, government statistics show gasoline sales shrunk by 8.9% in June compared to the figure for June 2007.

Many gas stations are now becoming self-service to reduce costs and large consumers such as delivery companies are converting from small vans to powered bicycles to deliver documents and parcels in inner city areas.

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