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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Japan News This Week: 24 August 2008


Japan News.Japan seeks arrest of three Sea Shepherd campaigners.

NY Times

Japan's trade surplus shrinks 87% in July.

Washington Post

79-year-old woman knifes two people at Shibuya Station.

Japan Times

HSBC accused over "cultural insensitivity" after white sumo ad.


Young Briton held in Japan on suspicion of shaking newborn son to death.


Japan's baseball pros humbled by US minor leaguers in Beijing.

Daily Yomiuri

Hideki Matsui returns to Yankees.

Yahoo! Sports

Last week's Japan news

Japan Statistics

There are an estimated 273,740 taxis nationwide, according to a 2006 survey. Sendai had 3,003 taxis as of March 2007.

Source: Construction & Transport Ministry

Japan's university graduation rate from its 725 universities fell to 84.6% last year compared with a global average of 70%.

Source: Daily Yomiuri

Of 16,801 successful doctorate graduates in 2007, only 4,146 found employment.

Source: Education Science & Technology Ministry

On average 150kg per person of food is thrown away each year in Japan, which has a rate of only 40% of food sufficiency.

Source: Josei Jishin

An estimated 30 trillion yen in 10,000 yen notes are held by households nationwide.

Source: Bank of Japan

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