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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Japanese Language lesson: G8 Summit


Today we will review a few terms relevant to the recently concluded G8 summit, which was held in Lake Toya, Hokkaido.

北海道 (hokkaido) = Japan's northernmost island

洞爺湖 (toyako) = the resort town where the Summit was held

日本 (nihon) = Japan

総理大臣 (sori daijin) = Prime Minister

大統領 (daitoryo) = President

温暖化 (ondanka) = global warming

エネルギー (enerugi) = energy

主要国首脳会議(juyokoku shuno kaigi)= Summit, meeting of heads of state

ワーキング・ランチ(wakingu ranchi)= working lunch

世界経済(sekai keizai)= world economy

環境・気候変動(kankyo ・kiko hendo)= Environment・climate change

開発・アフリカ(kaihatsu ・Afurica) = Development・Africa

政治問題(seiji mondai) = political problems

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