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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Japanese Language Lesson: Water Words


Let's look at a few words and expressions that involve water, 水 (mizu).

水商売 (mizu shobai) = the water world, which refers to red light districts and the trade in flesh

寝耳に水 (ne mimi ni mizu) = a bolt out of the blue (literally, "water in a sleeping ear")

水に泡 (mizu ni awa) = to come to nothing (literally, "foam on water")

水いらず (mizu irazu) = to be alone with one's family (literally, "not letting water in")

水臭い (mizu kusai) = to become cool suddenly (literally, "stinking of water")

水と油 (mizu to abura) = oil and water

焼け石に水 (yake ishi ni mizu) = a drop in the bucket (literally, "burning stone in water")

And, our own favorite:

水に流す (mizu ni nagasu) = to forgive and forget (literally, "to let flow away")

Please send us your own favorites.

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