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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Japanese English Words: More Janglish


Japanese English
For today, more Janglish. These are the words that are have entered Japanese that make wonderful sense in a Japanese context.

To a non-Japanese speaking foreigner, though, they often make no sense.

Today's examples also show the Japanese proclivity for abbreviating.

コンビニ (konbini) = convenience store

パソコン(pasokon) = a PC, personal computer

カーナビ (ka-nabi) = a car navigation system, GPS

ゴシロリ (goshi rori) = gothic + lolita, which refers to the women in Japan who sport outfits that are a combination of a gothic and a child-like Lolita look. Think a sexualized Little Bo Peep.

マザコン (maza kon) = mother complex, someone obsessed with his (it's always men) mother

ドタンキャン (dotan kyan) = last minute cancellation

イケメン (ike men) = a handsome man

エンスト (en sto) = a stalled engine

デコデン (deko den) = a decorated cell phone

Please send us your own favorites.

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1 comment:

  1. フリーター (fri-tar) : freelance-arbeit-er

    a person who earn his bread in irregular employment.

    It is mixed English and German and very very common word in Japan.
    I also use this word for granted.


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