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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Japanese Language Lesson: Janglish Japanese Words From English


Japanese freely borrows from English and other foreign languages. Many common foreign words have been incorporated--with a slightly different pronunciation--into Japanese.

Along the way, though, meaning sometimes gets altered.

Here then is a short list of some "English" (and non-English) words often used in Japan that may cause misunderstanding.

フリーター (freeter) = someone who works several different jobs, who moves from job to job without a full-time position

バイト (baito) = a part-time job

リストラ (risutora) = restructuring, to be fired from a job

ワンパッタン (wan pattan, "one pattern") = to do things in the same way, in one pattern, over and over again

マイペース (my pace) = to do things at one's on speed, way

ゴールイン (goal in) = to get married

バージンロード (bajin roado, "virgin road") = wedding aisle, down which the bride will walk to the altar

ラブラブ (rabu rabu) = to be deeply in love

ノータッチ (no touch) = to be purposely uninvolved in or with

スリーサイズ (su-ri saizu) = three sizes (bust, waist, hips)

ピアス (piasu) = earrings

クーラー (cooler) = air conditioner

Please send us your own favorites.

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