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Monday, June 02, 2008

Cell Phone Decoration Part II

Cell phone携帯電話の飾り(デコ電)

In Kyoto we found another amazing cell phone the other day.

On a hot somewhat cloudy day, a young woman was yammering on her phone while out on a shopping expedition with a friend.

The friend was also talking on her phone--not nearly as decorated--and when they both finally hung up, we asked for a picture.

After a bit of hemming and hawing, the woman, a college student, agreed.

She said that every morning the first thing she did upon waking up was glance at her phone for a sign of a call or instant message.

"Just the look of it glittering on my bed stand makes me feel good, even on the rare day when there is no message. And the heft of it feels good in my palm!"

Her friend couldn't help adding however: "You just like to show off, just look at your mini-skirt and sun glasses!"

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  1. They call them "deko-den." They're everywhere and on everything. It's a booming business too. On average, deco for a phone, with swarovski, can easily cost 10,000+yen.

    Saw a decoed bicycle and motorcycle helmet on display at Ueno....crazy and cool but imagine what that would cost.

  2. Thanks Dave. Yes, they are everywhere. Incredible.

  3. This is my "Decoden".



    I decorate cellPhone,homekey,golfitem,so on,,,
    It's so funny.


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