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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Japan This Week: 11/05/08


Japan News.Chinese leader Hu visits Japan.

NY Times

Japan battles urban crow menace.

NY Times

Poison free fugu specially bred challenges industry authorities.

NY Times

Japanese rice remains expensive and difficult to sell as domestic tastes change.

Washington Post

China accuses Dalai Lama of "ruining Olympics."


US pushing Japan to consume cloned beef.

Japan Times

Alleged wife killer Kauyoshi Miura's extradition on hold.

Daily Yomiuri

Government accuses Konica Minolta of dodging 1.8 billion yen in taxes.


Liverpool coach hired by JEF United soccer club.

Yahoo! Sports

The life of a female journalist in Japan.


Last week's Japan news

Japan Statistics

Japan will provide up to $10 million in aid to Myanmar.

Source: Asahi

There are an estimated 150,000 crows in Tokyo.

Source: NY Times

Tokyo had a net influx of 94,500 people in 2007, Kanagawa Prefecture 32,474, Aichi 20,520. Hokkaido had the largest exodus with 20,267 people leaving followed by Aomori 10,274 and Nagasaki 10,064.

Source: Internal Affairs & Communications Ministry

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