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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Cell Phone Decorations

Decorated cell phone携帯電話の飾り

Cell phones are no longer just a tool for business and pleasure and communication.

They are now a statement. As such, the owner must express herself by decorating and or personalizing it.

Colorful straps with dolls and bells and good luck charms are popular. For a time, one seemed to suffice; now four or five or more are de rigueur.

Women with a bit of verve attach bright rhinestone-like bits directly on to the body of the phone itself.

Stickers are also popular, even among young men who plaster their phones with "puri-kura" head shots of their best friends. For women, "cute" stickers are more common (see the embossed ice cream cones above).

A pink phone brimming with accessories says to the world "Aren't I cute!" A darker color phone with fewer accessories tells the world "You can only dream about being as cool as I am!"

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