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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Abandoned Car Taken Away


Finally...it's gone. This Monday a car abandoned across the small stream from my house has at last been taken away. Loaded on to a truck by crane and driven away fully five months after it was abandoned and ticketed on November 19th, 2007.

Abandoned car trucked away in Nisshin, Aichi Prefecture

The stream, by the way, marks the boundary between Nagoya city and Nisshin and it seems Nagoya city authorities move a little quicker on dumped vehicles than their Nisshin counterparts.

A car abandoned on the Nagoya side just up the road was taken away after just a few days. It was first dumped on the main road to Toyota, almost completely blocking a T-junction, was then moved to a less dangerous position on a side road and then disappeared, presumably at the hands of Nagoya city authorities. The licence plate was for a city near Tokyo.

At last the rusting, oil-spewing hulk over in Nisshin no longer presents a traffic, ecological or aesthetic threat to the neighborhood. Good bloody riddence!

If only the old codger, who insists of driving here from God knows where to feed a legion of stray cats, would see the error of his ways or hopefully drop stone dead, the place (a featureless new suburb on the road to Toyota) might even feel half decent.

Ah, but I'm forgetting it's nearly summer! The delivery van and truck drivers, who stop by the river (because it's nice and quiet) will soon be upon us. Those bastards eat their convenience store lunch boxes, burp their vending machine coffees, chuck their rubbish out the window, empty their ashtrays on the street, then jack up the air-conditioning and finally go to sleep for an hour or two.

Bring back the birch, I say, for these enemies of the planet!
Don't these people know the ice-caps are melting? No, they don't, their lousy TV doesn't tell them that, and they wouldn't care anyway. They ain't paying for the company gas, so fuck everyone else.

Aichi Prefecture has one of the highest rates of vehicle abandonment in Japan. It is estimated to cost the local taxpayer in excess of 5.7m USD a year in removal fees.

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