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Saturday, April 05, 2008

Miyajima Hiroshima


The cherry blossoms have arrived on Miyajima this week. While this UNESCO World Heritage Site is more famous for its displays of autumn colors, there are plenty of cherry blossoms to be seen along the streets and at Omoto Park and along the nature walk that winds its way along the hills just above the small town.


The deer of Miyajima are well known, and to my mind are a lot more "genki" (lively) than the deer of Nara, probably owing to the fact that the Miyajima deer live in the forested mountains and only come down into the town to be fed by the hordes of tourists.

Miyajima genki deer

From Hiroshima Station, take the JR Line to Miyajima-guchi. It costs 400 yen, and the ride takes about 25 minutes. From there you will take a short ferry ride to the island.

Cherry blossoms at Miyajima

Another option is to take street car line #2, which runs from Hiroshima Station past the Atomic Dome and on to Miyajima-guchi, the final stop. It costs 270 yen from Hiroshima, but takes more than an hour.


If you are going to be traveling in and around Hiroshima, a one-day pass for the street cars is a very convenient and reasonable option. The one-day pass is 840 yen for adults and is also good for the ferry ride.

The ferry takes 10 minutes and is 180 yen one-way.

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