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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Japanese Word Endings: ppoi


A very large part of Japanese grammar is all about word endings.

A very useful word ending for the learner of Japanese is the ending "ppoi"
the p here being repeated to represent a stop, as an English speaker does
with the phrase "top price".

ppoi has the same role as the -y or -ish or -like endings in English in that
it is used to create an adjective. It could be defined as indicating
qualities usually associated with the noun it is attached to.

For example, take apple, or ringo, and kaori, or fragrance. "an apply kind
of fragrance" is, ringoppoi kaori.
Or the Beatles, biitoruzu, and hairstyle, kamigata. "a Beatles-like haircut"
is biitoruzuppoi kamigata.
Or a bank, ginko, and atmosphere, foon-iki. "a bank-like atmosphere" is
ginkoppoi foon-iki.

Get the idea? Simple, and very useful.

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