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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Japan This Week 20/04/08


Japan News.Government blocks British hedge fund from buying stake in power company.

NY Times

Nagano temple withdraws from Olympic torch route.


Special screening for right-wingers of award-winning film "Yasukuni."

Japan Times

Government rejects ruling by Nagoya court that Japanese Air Force's activities in Iraq are unconstitutional.

Daily Yomiuri

87 million-year-old fossil of praying mantis found in Iwate.


High school baseball team gives up 66 runs in two innings before game is called.

Yahoo! Sports

Brothels catering to middle-aged men with metabolic syndrome.


Last week's Japan news

Japan Statistics

JAL (Japan Airlines) is the biggest shipper of air cargo between Japan and the USA earning US$ 2 billion on Japan-US freight between 2000-2006.

Source: U.S. Justice Department

According to a BusinessWeek magazine survey of global executives, Toyota Corp ranks 3rd in the world of business for innovation behind Apple Inc. and Google Inc. Nintendo ranked 7th, Sony 9th and Honda 16th for 2008.

Source: Japan Times

Only 300 of the 1600 websites in Japan confirmed in 2007 to include child pornography by the Tokyo-based Interline Hotline Center were closed down. Downloading child pornography is not an offence in Japan despite international pressure for a crackdown going back well over a decade.

Source: Yomiuri Shimbun

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