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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Japan This Week 13/04/07


Japan News.Dalai Lama, at Narita, supports both demonstrators and Beijing Olympics.

NY Times

The cherry blossom.


Film distributor pulls "Yasukuni"--and it will not be screened in Kochi.

Japan Times

Olympic torch relay route to remain unchanged in Nagano.

Daily Yomiuri

US military promises to inform Japanese authorities of deserters in Japan.


Japan will not allow Chinese torch procession guards to take part in Nagano.

Yahoo! Sports

Stalker stalks, slays, and mutilates a Filipina--once again.


Japan's "Geisha guys".


Last week's Japan news

Japan Statistics

In 2006 there were 277,927 doctors in Japan, 168,327 hospital doctors and 95,213 at clinics.

Source: Health Ministry

In fiscal 2006, 71% of all reported counterfeiting of Japanese goods took place in China.

Source: Japan Patent Office

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