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Thursday, March 06, 2008

so desu ne


so desu ne

There’s a very useful phrase in Japanese that goes: “So desu ne” ("so dess nay"), as in the following conversation between a Boss (A) and a Worker (B). If not convinced, click each "so desu ne" to listen, reading the "translation" in parentheses.


A. Come in, come in. It’s a little cool today, isn’t it?
B. So desu ne! (Yes, it is a bit.)
A. Looking at the forecast I expected a bit of sun today.
B. So desu ne. (Yes, guess I did too.)
A. Pull up a chair. There’s one over there.
B. So desu ne. (Oh, so there is.)
A. Now, how are the March sales figures so far?
B. So desu ne. (Hmm, yes, well, erm …)
A. What? You mean this is it?
B. So desu ne. (I’m afraid so.)
A. We’d done a lot better last year at the same point in time.
B. So desu ne. (Yes, I know.)
A. What do you think’s the problem?
B. So desu ne. (It’s got me beat.)
A. Well, That’s it for now then. Forward me that mail you said you got from HKL, won't you.
B. So desu ne. (Yep, sure thing.)
A. See you at lunch then.
B. So desu ne. (You bet.)

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1 comment:

  1. Japanese is easy it seems. Only so des ne is used in all above cases. Great I m learning it!


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