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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Peruvian Music At Kanayama Station


Listen to the music of Peruvian buskers

Aichi Prefecture along with nearby Shizuoka Prefecture has the largest numbers of South American residents in Japan. Many of them live in small satellite towns surrounding Nagoya, working in the automotive industry, toiling long hours at low pay to produce parts for such giants as Toyota and Mitsubishi.

Peruvian Music At Kanayama Station

Sunday is usually the only day off during the week for these workers to relax and persue their interests. Occasionally it is possible to see a couple of Peruvian guys performing a duo of guitar and nosepipe outside the gents' toilet at the main entrance to Kanayama Station. Busking is illegal in public places in Japan and the police turn a blind eye depending on how they feel. Yakuza gangsters may also drop by to take a share of street performers' meagre takings.

Copies of the guys' CD are on sale if you ever catch them live.

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