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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Japan This Week 2/03/08


Japan News.Japanese police drop rape charges against US marine in Okinawa.

NY Times

Emperor's son rebuked over frequency of visits to his parents.


Sumo stable master charged over death of 17-year-old apprentice.


Defying immigration, Japan looks increasingly to a robot-led future.

Washington Post

South Korea's new President Lee Myung Bak called for better relations with former colonial ruler Japan.

Japan Times

Japanese F1 team Super Aguri insists they will make the grid when the Grand Prix season starts on March 16 in Australia.


Ex-Chunichi Dragons' stay Kosuke Fukudome is fitting in just fine with the Chicago Cubs.

Yahoo! Sports

New Asian drivers, Japan, Korea and the lessons of history.

Japan Focus

Tokyo Metropolitan government to crack down on steamy sex photos.


Last week's Japan news

Japan Statistics

Tokyo land prices jumped a record 12.4% in the twelve months between July 2006 and July 2007.

Over 3 tons of kangaroo meat is consumed in Tokyo per year, increasingly popular for its low-fat, high-protein content.

In 2006, a poll of 500 Australians revealed that 70% considered relations with Japan to be good, and showed a 20% decline in the view that Japan is culturally different from Japan and difficult to understand.

As of 2006, most imports to Japan came from China (20.5%), followed by the U.S. (11.8%), and Saudi Arabia (6.4%).

In FY2004, Japan supplied Europe with USD45 billion in manufactured goods, and USD9 billion in chemicals.

Japan has 756 universities, 87 of which are national, 89 public, and 580 private.

Recruit Works Research estimates that, in March 2008, there will be 2.14 jobs available for every university graduate, up from 2007's 1.89.

Source: American Chamber of Commerce Japan

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