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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Akasaka Sacas


Akasaka Sacas, Tokyo.

Tokyo’s newest luxury shopping experience is about to get underway. Akasaka Sacas is a sprawling, tasteful, expensively-done shopping/café/restaurant complex in Tokyo's upmarket Akasaka district. Akasaka Sacas gets its “Grand Opening” on March 20 – although most of it is already actually open for business.

Akasaka Circus, Tokyo

Sacas is conveniently and very adeptly segued into Akasaka subway station on the subway Chiyoda line (exits 1, 3a, 3b, and 7). It comprises four main buildings: an office skyscraper “Akasaka Bix Tower,” (above photo) which also houses most of Sacas’s many shops, cafes, bars and restaurants (top photo), another building housing the Tokyo Broadcasting System Headquarters, a high class apartment block “Akasaka The Residence,” and a theater called “Akasaka Blitz” (below photo).

The restaurants of the main shopping area include a number of ethnic options, plus everything else from the painstakingly posh to the streetest of terraced chic.

Akasaka Circus

Akasaka Blitz is a welcome addition to what’s on in Tokyo. A perusal of the fliers showed up some good-looking big name productions in the pipeline – and design/atmosphere-wise it’s just a have-to-be-seen-in kind of place.

So, get ready for the opening bash, Thursday, March 20.

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