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Friday, February 01, 2008

Byobu (decorative screen)

Japanese decorative screen屏風

Byobu, or decorative screens, have a long and distinguished history in Japan.

They are used as a backdrop for flower vases or pottery and are an essential part of the tea ceremony and ikebana (flower arranging).

This byobu is hand painted and made in Kyoto from quality washi (Japanese parchment), fine wood, and gold leaf.

The maker is Tomokazu Kurashima, who was born and raised in Kyoto. Using washi byobu (Japanese parchment especially made for use in byobu folding screens) he creates miniature screens in his Kyoto studio.

Using only a brush and Chinese ink on Japanese paper, Kurashima paints each screen individually. This work has as its motif a Japanese maple tree.


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