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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Vegetarian Sandwiches


We wrote earlier about the problems of being vegetarian in Japan.


A solution seemed to be at hand from the current sandwich boom recently underway in Japan. Many bakeries and convenience stores are now stocking a range of sandwiches - a western snack completely absent from the shelves of most stores just a few years ago.

Egg sandwiches

Admittedly the Japanese sandwich is a pale version of its European counterpart. The white, spongy bread, shorn of its crust, has the constituency, and some would say the taste, of a cotton futon. We have yet to find any fillings that would satisfy a committed veggie or even a lacto-vegetarian. Cheese and tomato? Dream on. Ham and egg predominate as fillings. Yes, you can find a tuna sandwich but what if you don't eat fish?

We live in hope of the first truly Japanese vegetarian sandwich. If you happen to spot one, please let us know.

Onigiri anyone?

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