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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Kunizakari Sake Museum Handa


Listen to a part of the sake museum guided tour

Just across the road from the Vinegar Museum in Handa is the Kunizakari Sake Museum. The two liquids are historically Handa's biggest exports and have an intimate connection as vinegar can be made from sake lees - a by-product of sake production.

Kunizakari Sake Museum Handa

The Kunizakari Sake Museum is free to enter and includes a guided tour of the building with exhibits of historic implements used in sake brewing and an explanation of the production process, a video promoting sake as an essential ingredient of Japanese culture and the best bit - a sake tasting session.

The museum is housed in a 200-year-old building and sake has been brewed on the premises since 1972.

A cedar ball or sugidama is hung outside the building and is replaced each autumn when the first sake of the year is produced.

Kunizakari Sake Museum
Nishihon-machi 2-24
Tel: 0569 23 1499

Kunizakari Sake Museum is a short walk east from either Meitetsu Chitahanda Station or JR Handa Station. Take a JR or Meitetsu train from Nagoya Station.

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