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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Karato Fish Market


The Karato Fish Market is on the waterfront in Shimonoseki right next to the Kaikyo-kan aquarium (Tel: 0832 28 1100).

Karato Fish Market

In the early hours of the day it is a busy wholesale market, and as the day progresses it turns into a retail market heavily visited by tourists. All kinds of seafood delicacies can be bought and eaten there, and it specializes in fugu (Puffer Fish) as Shimonoseki is the undisputed capital of fugu with 80% of all fugu in Japan passing through here.

Karato Fish Market

Images of Fugu are everywhere, even adorning the manhole covers.

Fugu manhole cover, Shimonoseki
The market has been here since 1933, but the new 8,000 square meter building was built in 2001. The roof of the market is unusual in that it is covered in grass.
Entrance is free and there is a large car park. There are buses from outside Shimonoseki Station with the first one leaving at 5.55am on weekdays.

Karato Fish Market

Karato Market
5-50 Karato
Tel: 0832 31 0001

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