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Friday, January 18, 2008

Japanese Women's Leggings and Shoes

Japanese leggings流行の下半身ファション

Colorful leggings are all the rage now among young women in Japan. Swathed in below the belt layers to ward off the winter cold, women prance through city streets in mini-skirts and multiple pairs of leggings of every sort of design and color.

This young woman is also wearing "military" heels to complement the blue tights and striped leggings.

Her below the navel look is rounded out with a ripped denim skirt and the requisite brand shop bag. Boutiques in Japan make extra stylish and extra sturdy bags for their female customers--and therefore get free advertising from the millions of women who carry around their lunch in a Gucci bag.

This young woman was photographed at Osaka's Kyobashi Station during rush hour. Pigeon-toed and doe-eyed, she was completely absorbed in text-messaging on her cell phone.

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