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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Japan This Week 27/1/2008


Japan News. Japan's Nikkei index has shed a third of its value since July, and the Tokyo Stock Exchange has lost $1.3 trillion in value, equivalent to the entire economy of Canada.

NY Times

Judge quits after biting woman in sex shop.

The Daily Yomiuri

In a truly tragic case, a young woman commits suicide in Osaka after her child was killed by an intruder in a robbery.

Japan Times

Head of driving school arrested over groping his young female students in Love Hotel car parks.

Mainichi Shinbun

High levels of mercury found in New York sushi.

New York Times

Last week's Japan news

Japan Statistics

There are approximately 520,000 cigarette vending machines in Japan.

Source: The Tobacco Institute of Japan

Over 1 million tablets of MDMA or Ecstasy were seized in Japan in 2007, the highest number on record.

Source: National Police Agency

102 blood donors tested positive for HIV in 2007 from a total of 4,939,548 donors.

Source: Health, Labor & Welfare Ministry

The most popular names for new born children in Japan in 2007 was Hiroto for boys and Aoi for girls.

Source: Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance Co.

23.9% of Japanese men in their 20s have never been in a romantic relationship. For women, the figure was 7.8%. Even in their 30s, an astounding 8.7% of Japanese men still had never had a girlfriend. For women, it was just 3 percent. The main reason given by those unlucky in love was "work."

Source: Asahi Shinbun

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